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Race Evaluation

TGoIF: Blue


2. Briefly confused by unmapped small trail, wasn't sure I was where I thought I was, but I was.
3. Contoured around hill to the left, because I didn't find the trail (and it wasn't worth hunting for).
4. Got a leeeetle bit to the left.
5. Straight, reading all the features on the way.
6. A leeeetle bit to the left again. Don't remember how I figured it out.
7. Slightly to the left, followed wall, attacked form junction.
8. A leeeetle bit to the right this time.
9. Kind of contoured, but dropped a little, and was reluctant to admit it and trudge up the spur.
11. Blasted out roughly to the south, and after a while I encountered a control, which happened to be #5. Bang a left, take the dry passage through the marshes, and diagonally up the hill. Hesitated on the dot knoll to the west of the control, I think because there was some big unmapped rock nearby that had me confused.
14. Saw the cliff at the stone wall junction, and was drawn in by its gravitational pull, then when I saw no flag, I realized that there was *another* cliff...
15. Slow uphill trudge.
17. Hit gap in wall, then misread features and wound up down near the (dry) pond. Wasn't positive where I was, but I figured if I headed south, I'd either find the control or hit the wall. I found the control.
19. Feeling very tired going over the last hill.
20. Swung a little wide to the left, but that's probably just as well.
21. Was further left than I thought, so I missed the wall junction, and followed the wall too far north; hooked back when I got to the spur NW of the control, and went through the depression.
24. The flimsy twig that the punch was tied to broke off in my hand. After I finished, I went back and rehung half of the punches, some of which were tied to weeds at shin level.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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