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Race Evaluation

TGoIF: Green


4. +00:30Not being very good with technical legs, I picked a route left of the line so as to check off the small marsh near half way. This worked, and some luck was probably involved in my finding the control with only a few seconds searching in the circle.
5. +01:30Tried bearing and pace count; ended up a little right and a little short.
7. It feels good when the boulders along the way are helpful, rather than adding confusion.
9. Contoured around hill to the right; didn't get as high as planned and hit the trail without a good idea of where I was. Fortunately, recovery was relatively easy.
10. Around to the right on trails. When the small marsh turned out to be part of the pond, I crossed it and got my legs wet.
13. +03:00Checked off stone wall and passed above large boulder and spur. It should have been easy to stay on track from there, but something went wrong and I found the knoll 50m east of the circle thinking I was in the circle. Wandered down to a knoll near stream and lake, before relocating.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:00

Split Analysis

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