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Race Evaluation

TGoIF: Blue


1. Easy.
2. Bad compass work
Aligned my compass with the stone wall and thus made a 90 degree error.
3. +05:00Followed path to the left and tried following features in. Too many knolls and reentrants - ran around in circles for a while.
4. +01:00Left around green - got a bit stuck.
5. +03:00Had the great idea of contouring around the green. Unfortunately, the white stuff south of #4 was not easy to run through. Direct route would have been better.
6. Straight.
7. +03:00Discouraged with runnability to #5, I dropped to the path and used rock by path as first attackpoint. Second attackpoint at rock cluster. Looking at JJ's split, this was a suboptimal route.
8. A bit to the right.
9. Up to stone wall / saddle and down again.
10. +02:30Never found the pond - mistook the direction of the slope. Ended up on hill west of control and had to come back.
11. +05:00Tried to aim straight for #19 - running down reentrant by stone wall junction. Runnability wasn't great, would have been better to follow stone wall further. Used #15 as first attackpoint. Twisted my ankle between #15 and #11 and had to walk for a bit.
12. +01:30Was a bit too careful finding the path between the pond and the marsh.
13. +00:30Got too low.
14. Straight.
15. +02:00Hesitated because I lost track of where I was. Hit the stone wall and came back.
16. Straight.
17. +00:20Hesitated a bit because of unmapped rocks.
18. Up to corner of stone wall and in.
19. +03:00Right side of hill but too low (trying to avoid the green.) Hit the path and had to come back in.
20. Path, since I had previously bad experience with runnability north of 19.
21. +00:30Mistook one stone fence for the other. No big deal - went down the reentrant and up on the hill.
22. +00:30Maybe a bit too careful.
23. Right side of marsh.
24. Straight.

Total Time Lost - 00:30:50

Split Analysis

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