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Race Evaluation

TGoIF: Red


1. +00:45conservative - trail up to hill, got high and had to come down. should have just run up reentrant an in.
2. +00:30tried to avoid climb by staying low - too low.... too slow
3. clean and straight to trail junction - saw Phil B off to the left. followed small trail to stonewall, then straight from there. Punched in just before Michael Hughes who started 2min before me.. Cool... now to pad that gain - or at least not lose that 2 min advantage!!
4. +00:30a little thrashing in green, uphill into broad reentrant - saw Peter Anderson above (thought he was on Red, but actually was on Blue) above wall junction and straight - wound up just west of control, corrected quickly and punched in just behind Michael
5. straight and clean, Michael went right but still punched ahead of me and got away in front.
6. +01:15north of marsh, then along slope - through rock cluster (dumb move, should have gone below). looking for reentrant beyond small hill but wound up searching just SW of circle until I noted boulders there, and realized where I was
7. +00:20straight, south of small pond but hooked around too much too left and in reentrant N of small hill - realized the error quickly and back up and over
8. +00:15drifted a little left, but corrected and in
9. +00:20drifted left again, winding up under cliff near wall, corrected again
10. +00:20straight line, just left of line using contour features and large rock enroute. climbed over long knoll too far N of flag and had to come back
11. +00:35got off on right side of spur above, momentarily confused and came back
12. more careful now in the technical - clean
13. another cautious but clean leg
14. +01:00contoured N of hillside, then along stonewall to saddle and down along east slope of hill to flag - clean but perhaps not the straightest route
15. opted for the fast downhill run to the east of the pond picking up trail rather than risking the green/marshy stuff to the west. left trail and climbed over knoll to find inlet/marsh was one big pond - ran/swam right on through and cleanly up to flag.
16. +00:30right of line, across trail along stonewall and then downhill - wound up in depression S of control circle but knew where I was and up and over to correct depression
17. +01:30wound up high - mistook small boulder S of circle for the large one and looked higher still before heading downhill again
18. straight, falling in stream enroute - no one in field ahead of me, running along edge looking for flag
F. Michael H in the chute just ahead of me - I had managed to preserve my 2 minute gain early on. Also edged Doug G by a couple minutes to get my first ever M-40 win. Overall a clean run, a few minor bobbles, but less humidity allowed me to see the woods (and map) and I was able to maintain a reasonably good pace throughout the run.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:50

Split Analysis

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