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Race Evaluation

US Night-O Champs: Blue


1. 37s late to start. Never realized control descriptions were on back of the map, so I never used them during the race.
2. +10:00Kept turning in the wrong direction, had to check my compass every 10 seconds not to. Should have picked a better attackpoint.
3. Up to stone wall / rocks and down.
4. To stone wall / vegetation boundrary and carefully in.
5. Path to rocks and in.
6. +14:00Ugh! I was all the way up at the northern stone wall at some point. Should have made a more graceful recovery after the initial miss.
7. +03:30Waded through the dark green in the marsh. First time I've truly had to 'fight' during an orienteering race. Should have stuck to the path.
8. +06:00Stupid! Distracted by other runners going to a different control. Made me hesitate and head back to the path before realizing the marsh I saw was the small one, not the big one.
9. Safe.
11. +02:00Marsh was full of water, didn't dare balancing on the stone wall.
12. +02:00Hit the big rock to the east - took me awhile to realize where it was on the map.
13. Left to corner of field and in. Would be interesting to know how others did on this one.
17. On paths to be safe.

Total Time Lost - 00:37:30

Split Analysis

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