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Race Evaluation

OCIN TROL #2 - Miami Univ. Western Campus: OCIN_MUWW_Nov_2015_2 Yellow


1. P D P R 0 Did whole course before event started and before Bengals vs. Rams game which btw the Bengals won :) Anyways I was pumped for game so tried to do this course quick.
2. P D P R 0 Followed trail
3. P D P R 1 down hill but a little difficult to see
4. P D P R 0 back to trail
5. P D P R 0 followed trail looking to right until I saw it.
6. P D P R 0 followed trail to main trail and took right, the main trail was pretty moist and muddy, lots of puddles I ran on side of trail
7. P D P R 1 followed main trail
8. P D P R 0 followed main trail and just cut through woods when I felt time was right, I was pace counting
9. P D P R 0 cut back onto main trail followed it looking left
10. P D P R 0 cut over to trail on my right again and followed opening
11. P D P R 0 went back to trail to the right of main trail until bridge
12. P D P R 3 OH MY GOSH this hill killed me and I ran pretty quickly up the hill (still excited for the game)
13. P D P R 2 I did a very light jog because I was so tired from hill, saw some police officers in front of art building in their car and waved.
14. P D P R 1 Picked back up my jog still a little tired from hill.
15. P D P R 0 This probably cost me some time because I went to wrong bridge (the one above it on map) at first then came back and got it.
16. P D P R 0 Sprinted to this one to make up time, barely ducked head low enough to get under bridge ( that would've hurt if i had hit it)
17. P D P R 0 Still sprinting to make up time over shot this by a little bit and then came back not losing to much time.
18. P D P R 1 This hill was a bit of a pain but nothing compared to before.
F. P D P R 0 Sprinted to finish as family cheered me on ( kind of embarrassing though) as I ran to finish. After I immediately left for game. Not even knowing my time.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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