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Race Evaluation

OCIN FAST-O #9: Miami Univ Western Woods - Course 2


3. Underrated difficulty
Did not like map
Disturbed by others
Unused to map
The control was hidden by deadfall. Took me a long time to see it.
5. Did not like map
An unmapped uncrossable wall possibly affected route choice.
7. Bad route choice
L or R looks equal. I went L and was beaten by 10s, so R must be best.
9. Bad route choice
Bad route choice plus some unnecessary hesitation at the control trying to match it with the description.
10. Hesitated
Too much hesitiation.
11. Did not like map
The feature was little higher than is mapped
12. Tired
13. Bad route choice
Did not like map
Not thinking clearly
Saw that the green area had been cut, so I tried to go straight. Even as mapped, that was not a good choice; however, the true red-line was much further L because the feature for C13 was about 15-20 SW.
F. Did not plan ahead
Bad distance judgement
Not thinking clearly
Lacked concentration

Total Time Lost - 00:01:36

Split Analysis

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