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Race Evaluation

NAIOC: Blue - Round 2


1. Head to head with Jeff Lewis. He was just behind me for the first leg.
2. Jeff still right on my tail. I'm not convinced I could outsprint him, so I figure I'm better off to lose him early.
3. Make a move and take off fast, but Jeff is still right there. Run for a while, then stop to look at the map, and he stops right behind me. Stop again and tie my shoe; he goes a few steps, then slows down, and gets behind me again when I start moving. I just run randomly, then follow some Red people, knowing they have a different third control. See the Red runners punching (probably at #4, in retrospect, then slow down while Jeff follows them. I hide behind a tree just before I see him start to turn around, then head the other way at high speed, just trying to get out of sight. I follow Mihai for a little while until I decide that he's lost, then ditto for Greg Balter. After a couple of theories as to where I am don;t pan out, I finally figure it out, then run into Greg again, who asks if I have any idea where I am. By then I'm halfway between #3 and #4, heading back toward #3, while Greg continues to #4. I was correct as to where I was, but it still took a while to find #3.
4. At this point, I figured that Jeff was either done, or hopelessly lost, so I just had to jog in and keep my fingers crossed. A little sloppy at the end of this leg.
F. Across the marsh, to hear Jack Williams telling me I had won my round, thinking it would be a big surprise, but I said I thought I might have. Peter G. asks how long I had to run around in circles to lose Jeff. (Greg came in a few minutes later.)

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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