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Race Evaluation



1. +04:00Got close, then lost track of where I was. Mark Lauenstein passed me.
2. Saw Peter G (on Red) for the last part of the leg.
3. Driffted left, crossed the stream, and took a few steps before correcting -- fine after that.
4. Slight bobble at the end, checked reentrant to the SE. Saw Mihai.
6. SE to trail, ran trail a little, around the base of the hill, NE on trail, cut off about even with the NW corner of Mymeeba Pond, read my way in okay, then lost it at the very end, and had to go W to stone wall to relocate -- fine on second try.
7. I knew this leg very well from control sitting at the World Cup in 92.
8. No water left at water stop; found this out just after I sucked down a packet of gu. Wil Smith caught up here.
9. Pretty close to straight, slightly S of the line, attacked from the trail.
10. Inadvertantly went a little wide to the right, but not too bad.
11. N of the first cliff, S of the next two, then swung N around the hill for the last 200 m.
12. Read the details carefully.
14. Down to indistinct trail around marsh, then followed stone wall. Saw Mihai again as I got close, but he was heading too far N. Clem was going after Mihai, but then corrected, and arrived just after me, then Mihai was close behind.
15. Right of two marshes, then headed for the narrow spot in the pond. Footsteps behind me teh whole way, but I didn't look back. As I approached the water, I head Clem ask, "Is this really going to work?". I replied, "It always has before". I hadnb't noticed that the map showed a gap in the beave dam, but the beavers had repaired it anyway. Got threoug the skinny marsh at teh crossble spot, then cruised in.
16. Just ran in a vague direction, which worked fine. Just before the control, I ducked through some hemlock needles and found out the hard way that they had a good solid branch in the middle, which I caught right in the forehead.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:00

Split Analysis

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