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Race Evaluation

WCOC Sessions Woods: Memory Sprint


1. Trail up to the road, then left looking for hill on the right. Hadn't remembered the first flattish hill, so got sucked on there for a bit, but kept going and it was fine.
2. Across the wall, aiming for NS trail before second wall. Saw it from trail.
3. Trail to junction looking for black X. Didn't see anything at the X, and stopped for a second to look at a red control, but basically fine.
4. Down and up. Pretty straight, and could see if from a distance.
5. Up to the trail which was further than I had expected, then around to the reentrant and up the spur opposite.
6. Trail to the knoll and then over the knoll. Easy.
7. On compass, and looking for the knoll ahead.
8. Down the spur, down the stream to the bend, then trail and up a line so I wouldn't miss it.
9. +02:30Up and over the big knoll, hitting the fence nearer the downhill end, so went under it, and didn't go far enough back up hill. Once I had gone too far, went up and saw a flag which turned out to be on the trail, so back again and got it this time.
10. Down hill and picked up the road for a few steps. Saw the flag as soon as I left the road.
F. Trail.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:30

Split Analysis

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