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Race Evaluation

OCIN Flying Pig 4: blue2 (US Short Champs)


1. Hesitated
Stopped to look at control on other course, which caused me to then run through some green.
2. Bad route choice
Hesitated before leaving 1. Went on golf course, then road, then went through green--slow.
3. Trail was really faint, so I had trouble seeing it from the road. Not really a mistake, though, since it was unavoidable.
4. Bad compass work
Went too far left. Left of dry ditch.
5. Bad compass work
Careless with compass, so I zig-zagged through the green and ended up going past the control to the right.
6. Bad compass work
Went too far to the right to avoid green. Was close to fence.
7. Did not plan ahead
Hadn't decided which way to go, so hesitated coming out of 6. Ended up going right.
8. Did not plan ahead
Bad compass work
Somehow, I got pushed left by the green, and had to cross two reentrants (above fork), going through lots of green at the same time.
9. Did not plan ahead
Bad compass work
Hadn't read ahead, so I was hesitant, then I ended up too far left and got stuck in the green by the road.
11. Lacked concentration
Used little trail, but had my head in my map, so I didn't pay attention to where I should leave the trail. Hesitated.
12. Read map too late
Lacked confidence
Left road and went up reentrant on line to the control, but hesitated because I wasn't confident that it was the right reentrant.
13. +00:07Hesitated coming out of 12, then went a bit too far left and encountered thicker green.
16. Bad route choice
Went to trail, but trail was like a twisty roller coaster. Should've read map more carefully and gone straight.
17. Bad compass work
Disturbed by others
Sloppy with compass because I hurried because Bill was just behind me. Ended up far to right--passed really close to 18. Carefully combed hillside to left.
18. Bad compass work
Paralleled trail rather than cutting to it, then had to veer sharply right to control

Total Time Lost - 00:03:55

Split Analysis

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