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Race Evaluation

5. Nationaler A OL: HE


2. Hesitated right before the control. This pushes the definition of a spike, but for my speed, this was not a loss. I.e. these 15 seconds would have meant a lot more, proportionally, to Andy Müller.
6. People (including Boris) climbed a lot of that spur right out of #5. I didn't, but stood and contemplated it for a while. Coming into #6, I lost track of the large spurs and regained contact just in time to see the bag above me.
7. Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Two booms. First one, led off by the slope. Near the control, I did not pay attention to the map and followed someone instead to a different knoll control (at which I took a split).
8. Started off in the wrong direction but I don't think this cost much. Could not pass a girl on the way from the trail to the control.
9. The girl was still ahead. She had a different control instead of #9, though.
12. Eric passed me just as I reached the trail S of #11 and walked while checking its direction. I had Eric in sight until after #12.
13. I thought this would be hard but it wasn't. A large elephant trail.
15. Took trails—who am I kidding?
16. +00:55Got pulled to the right just before the control because I wasn't reading the map on the monster downhill, and saw a control there on the right. Some people followed me. I recovered in no time.
17. Underrated difficulty
Bad distance judgement
Not thinking clearly
I trhought I had enough technical prowess to nail this while going straight. I actually read most of the boulders on the slope and was headed right to it when I stopped, alerted by a trail going downhill along what looked like a dry intermittent stream (the stream at #12 was completely dry). I thought this was the trail just after #12, and that I had stayed too high. Surely, there was a boulder lightly back and way down. I ran there, no control. After this I did not have a plan. I just sort of searched the area trying not to fall asleep. Finding #96 (by the intermittent trail at the N-most point of my butterfly) provided some brief excitement which quickly gave way to more boredom. Eventually I figured everything out by repositioning myself to exactly the place at which things went awry, and spotting the large boulder ahead.
18. Did not check features en route
Bad compass work
Quite pissed, I headed downhill. Got pulled to the right. As soon as I reached the correct elevation, I started to look for the U (or for people punching). I saw a bag to my right. Not my bag.
19. I actually had no recollection of this one leg a few weeks later when I sat down to draw the routes, which means I probably followed someone.
20. The rest of the course was uneventful.
23. Just as I lef #22, there were Boris and Greg Barbour. They went low. I got to #23 before them...
24. ...but let them go.

Total Time Lost - 00:20:10

Split Analysis

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