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Race Evaluation

QOC: Fountainhead: Blue


1. Underrated difficulty
Read map too late
I ran down the trail though I didn't trust it--Jon's course comments gave fair warning of inadequate trail mapping for the old map. I should have read more carefully but was watching for roots and running too fast. I turned right at an intersection too soon and upon hitting the creek didn't realize I was too far north. I climbed a 20M ridge needlessly only to come back down and relocate at the hook shaped bend in the same creek. After that, it seemed further than it should be.
2. Going on straight bearing I crossed the ridge and trail then dropped down a reentrant to just above a stream junction. Climbing a spur along a reentrant, I hit the next one with the control. Mihai Siribu was just getting there as I was leaving.
3. +00:30Staying north of the line to mitigate a reentrant and crossed it at a stream junction. I kept straight until I hit the correct stream valley, then had to go down it 70M to the control.
4. +01:00Up to the road, I crossed it near the intersection and followed the trail to the first bend. Going straight from there, I crossed the reentrant at a stream junction, picked a spur and went down it only to hit the trail. I cut over near the trail for what seemed like 3 ridges too far but came up to see it in time. A guy was just leaving as I punched.
5. +01:30The guy leaving #4 went more straight. I went north a little to follow the reentrant. Encountering downfall slowed me. I stayed in the reentrant too long, eventually hitting the road 300M north of the line. Dave Onkst was there heading SW on the road and Dan Quinn was headed back having reported to twist his ankle. Dave went to the ride but I cut the corner at the road bend and caught him at the ride. Dave had mentioned a trail on the other side so we crossed the creek together. I angled up just to get to the right elevation and spiked the control with Dave somewhere near behind.
6. +14:30I ran straight, enjoying the long downhill to the creek. Crossing and staying dry, I continued plotting a route that would take me along the N side of the big reentrant S of the line. All was going well until I hit the road at what seemed the top of the ridge. Knowing this to be far from the parking area, I figured it was an original and at least older than the 20 year old map. By the angle of it, I concluded I had drifted too far south. I adjusted bearing and aimed for the reentrant leading toward the control. I didn't know there were 2 roads and was making a parallel error. The reentrant I hit started as it should have if I was where I thought but started curving north. Thinking it a bend but having my doubts, I continued down it only to arrive at the same creek I had crossed last; but further north. It took a while and some reconoitering to figure the location I was at--the northen edge of the map--once I did, things matched-up. I followed an unmarked road which intersected the marked one near the ride. Follwing the ride west, I passed the control and turned around in clear view of the reservoir.
7. I hopped over the ridge and into the long stream valley. Following it up on the left side but bearing right at all stream junctions, I reached the saddle. I was a little worried seeing much more detail than the map showed but kept to the right of the reentrant. After passing the knoll I dropped down and saw it from far off.
8. +03:45I went straight mostly and noted my position crossing the intermittant trail near the bend. I missed to the left, hit the stream and crossed the ridge back one reentrant to the control.
9. +06:00Going straight, I lost count of reentrants and drifted left. Stopping with the water of the Occoquan in view, I cut left. Getting closer to the shoreline, I realized I was half-way to #10 before turning around, staying along the shore to the control.
10. Climbing straightish as I ate a Gu w/o any water, I saw Eddie as I hit the top. He was crossing my path as I headed to the control but he cut back, getting there before me.
11. +04:30I took some time reading the map and mostly let Eddie go. I was too tired and thirsty. Along the shore I saw Dave Onkst who indicated he was heading in. Had I realized Dave was on the road, I'd have crossed the creek there. Instead, I wandered up crossing at a bad place when I guessed I'd gone far enough. I was near but I turned right first, crossing two reentrants before turning back left and finiding it.
12. Just going straight mostly, I was once again dissapointed at the empty water jugs.

Total Time Lost - 00:35:45

Split Analysis

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