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Race Evaluation

QOC: Fountainhead: Red


1. Cross ditch and down NW side of reentrant. Not much speed thru the deadfall.
2. Down to stream, then followed it around to attack from below. Think I should have gone over the top. No problem finding control but took to much time to run around.
3. +00:42Tired already. Going right for correct reentrant when I saw the control in the reentrant before. Sure I was early but checked the code as I went by. It was 76, I wanted 79. Wondered if I had miscopied or Jon had. Thought I had the control codes with me and unfolded map to look. Must have dropped them. Punched then continued on to see if correct code was in the next reentrant over where I expected it. It was, so punched again in reserve.
4. +01:00Straight as much a possible trying to keep track of which reentrant I was in. Got off somewhere, crossing the big rentrant to far S and using wrong gully as attack point. Hit reentrant with control over 100m S and had to run up 3 contours.
5. Started off toward 10. Not sure where I crossed powerline and headed for 5 instead. Hit trail on far side and ran along it trying to find where it hit clearing. Looked like it was not going to so just ran on bearing. Matched up the reentrants correctly and attacked from reentrant to S of spur. Took out a cup before noticing that water jugs were empty.
6. Straight. Attacking from the corner of the clearing. Almost missed control. Spur was very wide and I had not noticed my description said W side.
7. Started straight to catch stream, but drifted S while crossing first ditch. Got close enough to road to see clearings so took the road. Cut in at powerline then straight. Could see the bag from stream.
8. Straight. Someone came up from below as I was leaving.
9. Straight. Again no water left.
10. Road all the way to clearing on N of map. Not running very fast but still faster that I was going in the woods. Bearing from tip of clearing.
11. Straight to where reentrant reached the power line. Dropped down and contoured around on W side a bit before dropping all the way down to stream where running was much better. Counted gullies and cut up. Last chance for water but this one was dry also.
12. +03:00Missed this one. Went up to trail where tip of reentrant reached it but drifted off S and down the wrong spur to reach the water at the little inlet. Back up hill to the saddle
F. Contoured around while slowly dropping to reach the tip of the uncrossable section. Still not very crossable but the hill side was to steep to contour and I was not going to climb back up. Waded across and ran the trails in.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:42

Split Analysis

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