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Race Evaluation

Sydney Sprint Series 2016 Race #7 - St Ives: Sprint course


1. P P
2. P D P R
3. P D P
4. P D +00:05Slightly left, got a bit lucky seeing it.
5. P D P R
6. P P R +00:10Probably didn't need to cross the oval.
7. P D P
8. P D P R
9. D P R +00:05Didn't need to cross road/oval.
10. P D P R
11. P P
12. P D P +00:05Hesitant as I'd started leg thinking I was going to 13
13. P D P R
14. D P R +00:15Slow along overgrown path.
15. P D P R
16. D P R
17. P D P +00:05Got on wrong track
18. P D P R
19. P D P R
20. P D P R
F. R +00:05Probably quicker around road.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:50

Split Analysis

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