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Race Evaluation

Sydney Sprint Series 2016 Race #7 - St Ives: Sprint course


1. P D P R +00:05Dithered, wrong side of one building
2. P D R Better
3. P D P R 4 +00:10Should have aimed off right, tried to aim off left. Bamboozled by a Garingal guy running in completely the wrong direction ahead of me
4. P D P R Got it OK, identified intermediate rock line. AP says I made a mistake, but just slow in the bush.
5. P D P R Good, read map well, a bit slow up hill
6. P D P R Good. Tried to run fast, but not really working.
7. P D P R +00:05Wasn't expecting it to be so far down on the other side, and direction slightly off too.
8. P D P R Good
9. P D P R Good
10. P D P R +00:05Completely missed the option of straight across the oval.
11. P R Good
12. P R Took the unmapped path straight to it.
13. P R Compass work - held a north line to the second path
14. P R mapreading good, but slow
15. P R Spotted the brick and punched from over the tyre wall
16. P R Straightforward, lots of people got on the wrong path
17. P R Good
18. P R Good, with a couple of mis-steps on the wrong side of the berm
19. P R Slow to get over the fence: avoided the green
20. P R Trying to ramp it up
F. P R Decent finish split effort, but only 6th

Total Time Lost - 00:00:25

Split Analysis

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