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Race Evaluation

QOC: Fountainhead: Red


1. Forgot to take the split. Parallel to the ravine, spiked it. Another "red" was starting 1 min behind and I wanted to get out of sight.
2. Bad map reading
Still running hard to lose any potential follower. Followed creek to confluence, then bearing up the hill. Misread position (too much left) and ended up in an early ravine. Hesitated, then corrected.
3. Bad map reading
Bad distance judgement
Down to the water, up between the ravines, bearing towards the control. Another control (76 instead of 79) also in a shallow reentrant (in reality it was in a ditch). Thoroughly confused, punch in a reserve slot, can't relocate. Walk around, eventually features make sense, see correct control. Nadim comes from nowhere, punches before me and runs away.
4. Rough bearing to the creek, straight bearing from the confluence up the hill. Nadim is running ahead and to the left, try to ignore him and follow my own plan.
5. Long straight bearing. I have ditched the new thumb compass for today so I'm confident with the old relic. It's very precise but takes ages to settle. Close to the control David Onkst shows up from the right, the bag is hidden from him but eventually he sees it. No water left.
6. Tired
Up the hill (slow walk, heavy vegetation, tired) to the clearing, bearing to the spur.
7. Parallel to the road until the ditch, down to the creek, follow creek to line clearing, bearing to the control, all full trottle. Did not have that much fun in ages. Nadim and Dave show up on the way at the clearing ahead of me, and Nadim punches first.
8. Lacked confidence
Straight bearing over the hill, try to avoid Dave. Very far ahead, Nadim runs diagonally and confuses me. It takes some time to reconfirm my position and to find the bag. Dave passes like an express - they are not sharing my control.
9. Short bearing. Some water this time.
10. Confused parallel features
Up the hill to the road, through the sun to the uncrossable fence, follow fence to corner, bearing to the control. Confused reentrants, relocated.
11. Followed left bank to the confluence, slow walk uphill. Again no water left.
12. Straight in.
F. Tired
Not thinking clearly
The water is much bigger than mapped. Try to hit the end of the marsh, but everything is covered, and run out of dry land. Instead of wading or swimming across :) I turn left towards the very steep hill and lose track of my position. Slow hard walk uphill, hard slippery walk downhill, easier crossing later on, slow bumbling towards finish without a real clue of where I am. At least the parking lot is big enough to find.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:00

Split Analysis

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