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Race Evaluation

US Champs: Red Y


1. I took it carefully because the leg looks difficult. Seeing the flag and water bottles at 5 helped.
2. About 100 meters north of the control I was unsure. Before the race (actually, after the model) I planned to bail out if I felt unsure. So, I went down the hill a few lines until I could see the field on the other side of the road. From there it was easy to go back to 2. Being sloppy was a good wake up call.
3. Stuck to the clearings as much as possible -- adding distance but staying out of the rough stuff.
4. Stayed in the clearings again. Once again I gave up some time but avoided some rough running. I saw Tom around the control (I think he punched just ahead of me). I didn't know his start time, but I figured he must have caught me from behind.
5. Sloppy near the circle.
6. Tom was a few steps ahead leaving the control. I drank a cup of water and looked at the leg a couple of times. I went back through the traingle, ran the trail and attacked from below. The control location seemed vague and I wandered a bit within the circle before I saw the flag. Tom was just ahead of me leaving 6 (he went straight).
7. Tom veered off to the right as we neared 7. I decided he must be M40 (instead of M35). Then I stopped thinking about how old Tom must be and decided I'd better pay attention to the map. I was suprised by how runnable the light green near the control was.
8. Went straight figuring I would miss the control, hit the trail and come from behind. I kept my eye out for the control and spotted it. Cool -- no need to attack from behind.
9. On the trail I met some hikers with unleased dogs -- poodles. The poodles barked at me and one jumped on me. I was paying attention to the dogs and not the map. I figured I must be just about due north of the flag (but wasn't sure since I was suffering poodle-induced-stress). I headed into the woods and saw the flag. Afterwards I found out the flag was misplaced.
10. Stopped within about 15 feet of the flag but didn't see it. Everything seemed to fit, but I couldn't see a boulder or flag. I looked aournd and looked at my map. I had no idea what to do -- everything fit. I took two steps forward and saw the flag.
15. I went through the paved area with the campers (north of the control) rather than straight.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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