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Race Evaluation

Compass Sport Cup and Trophy Heat: 2


1. Very, very wet underfoot. Headed up the ride and then realised I needed to drift left and came out within 20m of the control.
2. South to follow the track round, then cross-country and again to within 20m but hesitated slightly at the end.
3. Nailed this approach: up to the ride, then across to the metalled road and off the bend to spike it.
4. Almost ran past this 5m away! Ride, then in.
5. Another spike.
6. Some hesitation on the final approach. The vegetation boundary I was looking for was nowhere near as distinct as I was expecting, and it was further in and not as far along so I overshot very slightly.
7. Up the track, round the corner of the fence and nailed.
8. Slow through heavier-than-expected undergrowth. Disappointed to end up at #9 first, then tracked across and came out 50m below #8.
9. Very quick to #9, hardly surprisingly. But surprised to be 1st overall on this leg.
10. Very straightforward, but crossed the track before I realised, and so overshot by about 20m.
11. Contoured through the broken ground, but should have climbed slightly and ended up below it. Quick to realise and correct.
12. BANG! Moving south at speed past a walking Richard Barrett and into the sun, I hurdled an earth bank only to realise it was topped by a wire fence. Broke the skin on the bridge my nose and bled down my face. Quite stunned initially, and didn't appreciate the blood until the end. On the control itself, should have realised that it was a distinct vegetation boundary…
13. Track, track, track then in and followed a small crowd of two in. Slowed by a pair of gates not closing well. Still came in 5= on the leg.
14. Followed the same route choice as a TVOC runner and took the ride and the open to the control. Realised that we were pulling up too soon and pushed on.
15. Came too far north initially, and the dark green I was searching for wasn't as obvious as I'd expected.
16. Hmm… Tiring and first "mistake". Headed down to the open which was properly waterlogged. Should have stayed in the woods.
17. Very frustrating. Within about 5m of #17 decided I was wrong and detoured wasting probably 3-4 minutes.
18. Quick in. Slight hesitation as to which of the two penultimate controls I was looking for: not enough time to check the map.
F. And a sprint for home.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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