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Race Evaluation

US Champs: Red Y


1. Attempted to pick out stuff along the way.
2. Checked off the big rock along the way.
3. After the big open area, hit the small one north of the control.
4. Was a little slow close to the control. It looked like any other tree to me.
5. Started looking for the control a little early. Realized I had to go all the way to the steep upslope.
6. Ran along the flatish area until I hit a small trail. Followed the trail until it disappeared. Got stung 3 times by hornets while studying my map. Ran like a madman flailing my arms all over. This had nothing to do with the hornets, I just run weird. Headed down the slope towards where I thought the control was. Saw a search party in the thick stuff. I kept slowly going down until I got lucky and saw the control.
7. Ran down the slope to the big clearing along the left of the thick stuff. Attacked from the saddle.
8. Aimed off west of the control, ran to the trail, and attacked from the backside.
9. Attacked from the second trail junction.
10. Left the road just east of the vegetation. Planned to aim off and follow the line of vegetation into the rock. Big search party on the slope. Saw Marjo. Headed S trying to find the small reentrant with the rock. Got lucky and saw the control.
11. +23:00Went through the slash, almost stepped on another hornet nest. Again ran with my arms flailing. Didn't get stung this time, but then lost my concentration. Searched around finding the wrong rock features. Had to bail out to the road below. Even then I had trouble. Climbing back up I saw Scott Drumm.
12. Along the ridge into the rock.
13. Went to the saddle again, up the hill, to the far side of the summit.
14. Aimed for the big green blob. The "small" trails were very worn in by the mountain bikers. Saw Marjo again just before the control.
15. +05:00Got confused just before the control. Should have just run for the camping area.
16. Saw Marjo and Eric at the control. 3 might ORCAs all came in together!

Total Time Lost - 00:28:00

Split Analysis

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