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Race Evaluation

US Individual Championships (M/L/S): Blue Sprint


1. P D P R 1 +00:10I was looking for a rootstock instead of a manmade object. It took me about 10 seconds to realize that I made a stupid error.
2. P D P R 1 +00:05I took about 3-5 seconds to formulate a good plan before I went at an all out sprint. I'm not in my top speed
3. P D P R 2 +00:10I booked this at full speed. I went directly east and then north. It was a 90 degree turn that involved little climb. I thought my route was smart, but other people went up and over the northern building and beat me, so despite their climb, it must of been faster for not having to do the 90 degree turn.
4. P D P R 2 Just a slow pace
5. P D P R 1 Clear leg. Perfect route. But still behind first place by 10 seconds. I didn't sprint fast enough I guess.
6. P D P R 1
7. P D P R 1 +00:10Made a great plan but didn't run a straight line distance to each corner due to forgetting how quick a 1:4000 map is.
8. P D P R 1 +00:08I ran around the wall because I thought it would surely be uncrossable. On the map it was apparently crossable.
9. P D P R 1
10. P D P R 1 Some of the brush should of been mapped green. It wasn't consistent throughout the area at all.
11. P D P R 2
12. P D P R 1
13. P D P R 1 +00:08Ran south instead of running north. Decision cost me a good 8 seconds.
14. P D P R 1 +00:05Ran East instead of west around the building. Cost me 5 seconds...
15. P D P R 1 +00:03Ran around the Picnic Table on accident.
16. P D P R 1 +00:15Ran one road too far.
17. P D P R 1
18. P D P R 1
19. P D P R 1
F. P D P R 0

Total Time Lost - 00:01:14

Split Analysis

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