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Race Evaluation

NEOC: Estabrook Woods: Green


1. +23:00This was where it all went to hell. Even when I finally found the pit, I still didn't know where I was.
2. Hill wasn't as bad as it looked. Nice 2.5m contours.
3. +05:00This was a recap of my "north follows me when I turn" episode.
5. +03:00More disorientedness. I was really starting to think that both internal compass and my real compass were broken. I got there, but with a little luck. I neer hit the trail on the far east that I was going to use the entire way!
7. Cut through green between the marshes. Probably the best way...? Just needed to be more aggressive about it (as usual).
8. mmm...trails. I don't think it actually took me that long.
9. +05:00The green to the east of the stone wall seems to have creeped west. Hid the control. And I was being dumb.
10. These last two were too easy. Shared with orange, too.

Total Time Lost - 00:36:00

Split Analysis

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