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Race Evaluation

MNOC - Nerstrand Woods State Park: red


1. Fast downhill, good start
2. Spiked, but slipped on the gravel leaving the trail intersection and busted up my left knee. Hurts today.
3. +03:00UNGUIDED MISSILE! Thought I was running on a 1:15,000 map, apparently, and went 200 meters too far. Backtrack was quick once I relocated, though.
4. +00:30Too far west, a little slow. Kind of a sketchy location.
5. Recovered navigation, but the open lane to the N wasn't so open.
6. Fast running, aimed off south and only had 50 m NE to the control
7. +00:30Lots of nettles! Came in too high and had to run a ways down the reentrantr
8. +01:00Slow after crossing the bridge; horsetails confused me.
11. Bearing to trail intersection; aimed off E but hit the intersection dead on; went south then west around the green, spiked it.
12. Over the first spur to the NW, then took the creek. Probably as good as any route. Jumped off a near-cliff on top of Hef.
14. South side of creek on deer trail for 3/4 of way to trail, then cross where it was shallower to 90 degree trail bend. Looks like a good route from the split.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:00

Split Analysis

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