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Race Evaluation

Hungaria Kupa, Day 2: M21E (WRE)


3. Bad compass work
Was a bit passive in looking for the pits as I attacked from the clearing. Missed and had to turn around.
5. Did not like map
Bad map reading
Was almost there but could not make out the hill ahead of me on the inkjet-printed map. Then saw a different control to my left, thought my compass direction was wrong, and visited the wrong control.
7. Very happy with map reading on this one...
8. ... and on this one...
9. ... and on this one. As I was coming in, a Serbian guy came in from below.
10. No attack point
Bad route choice
Did not like map
The Serb left towards the north. I thought he'd be stuck in the green, as it looked medium green on the map. It was only later when I saw the 1:10,000 offset-printed maps that everyone else used, that I realize it really was light green and not medium! To go through the green meant saving climb and having a better attack point. I went around, meaning climbing (at a pretty good HR) and then coming down without a distinct attack point. The lack of attack points lead to me exploring three other reentrants before locating mine.
11. Started to start to fade...
15. Took a chance
Again, got distracted by another control, located on a clearing just like mine.
16. Crossing the road was about the half-way point in distance. The rest of the course looked flat, however, with two long trail legs; I thought there was a chance it would go faster... how wrong...
17. Dropped the camelback at the water point—though I'd drunk enough to get me through...
19. Did not like map
Did not read control description
The control description was really inadequate here. The descriptions weren't particularly exacting to begin with, but here it just sucked. "Spur" with a reentrant junction circled, and the control being at the very possible top of the spur.
22. Tried to prod myself into running on the trails. Actually slowed to a walk a few times but mostly ran.
24. Bad compass work
Went off on a trail that paralleled the edge-of-map trail but was actually off the map. Figured it out somewhat quickly as the features made no sense.
25. As I was running on the trail right after #24, towards the edge of the young firs, Matti-Pekka of Espoo came along. "Feels like Tour de France." "Sure does, but no water." "Want some?" Matti-Pekka was so graceful to stop and let me drink from one of two miniature Silva bottles he had. I tried running for as long as I had him in sight, but slowed down to a walk on the E–W road.
26. Mostly walking.
27. Also walking... planning for 2:18 finish...
28. ... maybe not so fast...
F. ... it's finally over!

Total Time Lost - 00:07:00

Split Analysis

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