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Race Evaluation

UNO Boulder Dash: Green M Day 1


2. +00:30Along the wall for a while, then the green didn't look too bad so crossed over. Up on the long south facing spur, crossing by the pair of mapped boulders and correcting course down. Got fooled by an unmapped knoll just south, then looked back and saw it on the smaller mapped knoll.
3. Long slog up the hill. Having trouble moving in the woods. Better once I hit trail, and followed trails in for a spike.
4. +06:30Thought I was right on course. Trail N taking left fork of the larger trail, but in retrospect jumping off too soon. Couldn't make anything work. Then went E to the logged area, and couldn't make much sense of that. Then down to the wall to the E and back carefully under the knoll with the cliffs on it. Finally! Saw PG leaving ahead of me, and he had started 6 minutes back.
5. Trouble going through the thick stuff. Mostly just right of line, but maybe it would have been better a bit left.
6. OK
7. +00:15Trail to top of ridge S of control and in under control, until I stopped to visit the boulder at the SW side of the circle. That let Jeff Saeger get ahead.
8. +00:10Straight, Jeff quickly receding in the distance. Briefly looked at a rock lower on the slope, even though I knew better.
9. Intended to go S to the trail, because I couldn't see good ways of getting through the green and I was a bit worried about the attack. Ended up heading more SE, though, and the footing was terrible. Eventually climbed down the big cliffs and then hit the EW trail near the trail hitting it from the north. About as bad a way of getting there as could be thought up. Easy from there, leaving trail at the bend and reading the contours fine.
10. Back to the trail and W to the bend, where I went south on trail, then cut across the marsh and on the spur with the control and down through nice white woods to the control. Very nice.
11. Hard running uphill. A cadet went by in a flash.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:25

Split Analysis

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