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Race Evaluation

UNO Boulder Dash: Green M Day 2


1. +00:05Started running E, then hesitated. Don't know why.
2. +00:30Ran N, picking up reentrant, then trail. Planned to run trail to end as seen on map, but it went on longer than I thought. Looked at map again - d'oh. Cut east, found a control at N end of little stream. Easy from there to my control, apart from having to navigate some rocky ground.
3. +00:20Plan was to cut across stream after marsh and find the hill. Instead, just found flat ground. Ok, because hit stone wall, then figured to use the junction and follow the stream. Got a bit marshy & vague, but spotted the control after some hesitation
4. Followed stream across stone walls, then headed N to next stone wall at some unmapped water. Crossed it, headed NW across nose, landed at the big boulders SW of control at nose. Up & over the hill.
5. +01:00NE to big trail, then follow little trail across swamp. NE from there, finding the reentrant and -oops- didn't follow it that well, drifting E and hitting the path behind. Figured out where I was and found nose on return trip.
6. Straight, spiked it through no fault of my own.
7. Considered road, but figured N was faster. Think I found an unmapped trail E of the stone wall.
8. +00:05Pretty much straight. Don't know why I was hesitant
9. To path fairly quickly, then careful on a bearing after the bend.
10. Down to lower path, then ran flat area in sight of the hill. Took a bearing from the end of the stone wall.
11. W to get out of swampy area then just ran N, noticing the boundary signs on my right. After crossing trail, saw swamp at my left and other people wandering. Control was right in front of me (didn't seem like it was in a depression, and was further S. Didn't cost me any time tho).
12. NE to open area, then on NE trail, through woods, trail again to field. Knew I was looking for the climbing tower which was always visible.
F. I felt good on the run in. What a difference from the previous day!

Total Time Lost - 00:02:00

Split Analysis

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