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Race Evaluation

Susquehanna Stumble: Long


1. b, see Don and Peggy apparently going from a to b
2. a
3. see Don and Peggy again going by
4. Don and I get it together, Peggy is gone
5. +03:40island hop large boulders approaching from s, Peggy follows me in from w, was hesitant and backtracked once to check boulders
6. Peggy is tying shoe, we get it almost together
7. Peggy leaves as I arrive
8. d
9. f
10. e
11. c
13. trail
14. +03:30up and around, get too far w, trail saves me
15. fall going downhill, no other problems, right knee bothering me as a result
16. long stop after punching 15 for food and drink
17. trail to jct at saddle, se to road, nne to trail jct at map edge, contour in
19. another long stop for food
20. +06:30j, not what I wanted but the first thing I stumbled on, was going to do ihgj, I kept looking for something I could recognize, it turned out to be the letter j on the tile after I accidently discovered the bag
21. +01:40g, hesitant but got it
22. +14:20h, a disaster, couldn't stumble onto anything
23. +01:00i, there's Sandy carrying the bag, she says to wait at aid station for a ride but that doesn't get me ready for nex week, I get a few seconds back
24. +00:30l, cramp going down steep section before cutting corner to box, get past it
25. n
26. k
27. m
28. cramp again going up near bag
F. 90 sec rest to get my legs to calm down

Total Time Lost - 00:31:10

Split Analysis

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