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Race Evaluation

Susquehanna Stumble: Long


1. Clean, first there.
2. Clean. Saw a few runners coming out of (a) on way to (b), which helped.
3. Slight miss, high, u-turn, Eddie catches me.
4. Follow Eddie, too high, Wyatt catches us.
5. +03:00First mistake, ran alone too far, hit trail 200m NE of control. Re-locate, hit control, but leaders are now long gone!
6. Clean, catching people up again.
7. Clean, overtake a couple of runners.
8. +01:00Hesitant climbing steep bank. Briefly looked left, but found it higher up.
9. Clean
10. Clean
11. Clean
12. +00:30Slight hesitation close to control.
13. Clean, and running hard, trying to re-catch lead group!
14. +01:00Starting looking too soon, approaching from west. Caught Eddie at last, but didn't know if he was leading.
15. +02:00Missed left. Saw rock strewn spur, but didn't know where I crossed it. Hit trail, turned, and saw Eddie leaving.
16. Clean
17. +03:00Got really tired climbing to the saddle on the straight line. Attacked from a road bend, but too vague.
18. Clean
19. +01:00Tried to read all the rock, but failed. Slight overshoot.
20. +02:00Now really tired! Went for (i), didn't find it, so decided to carry on down hill. Found (g).
21. Clean to (h)
22. +01:00Slight hesitation to (i). Saw someone else coming into the window, not far behind me.
23. Clean to (j). Drank but didn't eat at the First Aid point. Thought I was 3rd, but was told I was 2nd, 9 mins behind. At least there was no point in chasing, and that would have hurt.
24. +04:00Through saddle again, approached (l) from trail above, but looking too high. Two others catch me.
25. Clean to (k)
26. Clean to (m)
27. Clean to (n)
28. Dropped to road, dreading the last climb to the control. Barely walking!
F. Stumbled to the finish (I see how it gets it's name)!

Total Time Lost - 00:18:30

Split Analysis

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