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Race Evaluation

NEOC Prospect Hill: Green


1. Attacked from the boulder near the trail-Y.
2. Could not relocate
Must have been abducted by a low-hovering UFO because I recovered West of the flag, in a confusing network of minor trails, also West of the paved road. I attacked from the paved/dirt junction.
3. Straight.
4. +00:30Trail to the S side of the trickle, past the marsh, looking upward, until I saw the road, then went up more and found the flag.
5. Out to paved road. Saw Suzanne F at the flag.
6. Straight down hill, then around the 2nd hill, through the open knoll, past the huge boulder. Pretty overgrown in here.
7. Did not read control description
Back to the open knoll, down the trail, turned South at the trickle crossing and around.
8. Straight.
9. Bad map reading
N to trail, planning to go up to the top of the hill and contour. At the paved/jeep trail jct, I paused and decided to take the jeep trail and stay closer to the line, and avoid climb. Also, this route went through the place with a spectacular view of Boston. Contoured around the rough open (slowly) because I couldn't read my map that the control was in the white woods and not the yellow rough open. Tim P passed me on the steep trail, but he was in The Zone and did not acknowledge my greeting.
10. Straight, although I lost altitude and found myself SE of the wall jct having to climb up to the flag.
11. No attack point
Read map too late
Around to the left. Came off the paved road too soon and lost time looking for the high point. Should have used the paved/dirt jct facing uphill to turn off the paved road.
12. Planned to go left N of the water towers, but decided it would be quicker to go straighter. Went to the right (S) of the water towers, down the paved road, coming off when I saw the stone wall. The control was on the wrong boulder when I was there, but I only lost perhaps 90 seconds doe to the confusion over this.
13. Down the rocky slope carefully, then the small trail, down the reentrant, hitting the stone wall and then the flag. Yes.
14. No attack point
Did not like map
Bad distance judgement
Carefully went NW to hit the S-shaped trail, got a bit confused where it merged with the larger trail, eventually followed the reentrant down past the control, to just about the NE edge of the control circle, turned around, retraced my steps, and saw the control at the top of the reentrant I'd come down. I probably ran within 3m of the flag without noticing it.
15. Confused parallel features
Not thinking clearly
Up to the trail, but spent a lot of time running up and down the trail before I established my precise location and realized that the "open" cut-throughs are starting to get a bit overgrown.
16. Did not plan ahead
Must have left the control in the wrong direction because I came to the trail jct 75m N of the flag, and turned the wrong way briefly before turning around and cutting across to reach the paved road. I was nearer to the swamp than to the stone wall. I came off the paved road 100 m NE of the flag and hit it.
F. Ran too fast
Read map too late
Did not notice the trail cutoff.

Total Time Lost - 00:11:30

Split Analysis

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