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Race Evaluation

NEOC: Hale Reservation: Blue


1. +03:00Includes ~3 minutes for map copying
3. +14:00Ran towards 19. Ended up on the wrong side of ski trail - took a while to realize. Also took a while to find the control even after I knew where I was.
4. +00:30Went between the cliffs, had to be very careful climbing down.
5. Punched in just in front of Dean.
6. +05:00Didn't count steps, ran into the forest at the wrong cliff.
7. +02:00Confused when I hit the trail, didn't realize I was on the smaller one.
8. Got lost looking for the trail to the north. Luckily I randomly ran into the control.
9. Safe (trail/fence)
10. Safe (fence, trail, cliffs)
11. +02:00A bit confused by the contours on the map. Ended up a bit far to the south. Also, a couple of lost hikers tried to stop me to ask directions. I didn't really feel like helping them. :/
13. Safe, on trails.
17. +00:30Took the left trail choice - it was windier than I had expected. Contours were tricky around the control.
18. +00:30Got to fight some thorns.
19. Evil, evil leg. Huge climb in the middle. Should have ran around the West side of it, but too tired to be smart about it.
20. Downhill :)

Total Time Lost - 00:27:30

Split Analysis

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