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Race Evaluation

NEOC: Hale Reservation: Blue


1. 3:55 to copy map
3. Instead of plowing straight through, decided to take the trail to the left. Missed it and ended up running the broader trail to the west. I had to climb a cliff. As I was punching in, I saw Mikkel wandering below.
4. Knowing how treacherous the cliffs were, I looped around to the N.
5. Mikkel punched in just ahead of me. Last time I saw him.
7. Mistook one rocky spur for another and ended up south. Guessed the wrong direction to re-orient - running S on trail to rock face/rocky nose before figuring out where I was.
8. NE to trail, in at reentrant
9. Took the straight line without problems.
10. Decided to try the thin green directly to the west of 9. BIG MISTAKE. Fought through thick thick stuff for over 5 minutes. Later, Jeff said there was a little trail. I must have been just N of it.
11. Went around to the right of the fence. If I had realized ahead of time (yes I had the correction on my map, but I thought there was another trail), I would have cut in to the left.
12. S to the trail, pace count W, then S.
13. Straight up at the triangle, found the trail at the rock face/knoll, then checked off the cairn.
14. Took the trail to the W.
16. Took the trail to the E.
17. Took the trail to the N.
18. Ran the trail S of the control and went in just after the nose. Came over the ridge to find a nose on the other side, but the wrong one. Had to go NE to find the right one.
19. Considered running around the hill, but I was feeling good, so I went up and over. It probably cost me a ton of time, but I felt good for doing it.
F. Some timing discrepancy that nobody understands has me officially finishing in 2:22

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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