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Race Evaluation

CSU Orienteering Weekend: Red


1. Angle up slope
2. trail and in
3. east around green to trail
4. +00:10straight but deviated to another control on S swamp to check it out!
5. to trial to S and over ridge
6. around hill attacking from trail
7. +01:45Uphill but too far north and got confused by trail junction
8. straight relocating on downed fence
9. Up to second trail to hill top and SE
10. +00:30Slow in here- confused by cliffs
11. In from trail junction
12. Up to railroad trail and in past 19 to take a look
13. to rail trail and in from bridge
14. to trail and across locating on spur
15. +00:15Unsure so slow
16. +00:30Intended to go straight but exited off line onto trail and ran hard around N of pond
17. Retrack around pond
18. Up through car park
19. Been there!
20. Trails and in
21. From SE on indistinct trail
22. Up gully to trail around pond then uphill
23. +00:10West of water tank and down- control further to east than expected

Total Time Lost - 00:03:20

Split Analysis

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