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Race Evaluation

Event in Kent: Red Day 1


1. +00:15Went straight and got there but was confused by the number. After re-reading it, I realized it was indeed mine.
2. +01:45Up to the trail, I missed a turn hidden by the leaves. I followed a rock wall to a bend in it then missed my first attack. By coming back a bit I could see when I stopped.
3. Straight across, I made sure to cross the rock walls at the intersection.
4. Over to the marsh, contour over, then up the reentrant.
5. +01:00Over the knoll and left of the big marsh, I was slow but steady. Getting to the marshy stream and going to the fork I saw D. Schaublin and wondered why. I stuck to my plan but was left again while attacking. Coming back and to my right I found it.
6. Straight but I went to the wrong side of the cliff first.
7. +02:00I intended to contour right a bit, hit the trail going high and in but I found myself very low and at the marsh. I used the wall and next trail to come in. I cut in too high at a bend. In the reentrant I only saw it after stopping and scanning carefully 100m below.
8. Underrated difficulty
Ran too fast
Bad compass work
I left going toward the trail that I had used to come to #8. I planned to go down to the bottom of the trail before the stream, then cross the stream on bearing. I hit the trail and turned left but didn't realize or check my compass that it was going much further left to the bottom. I got twisted and almost recovered by relocating when just then Patrick Shannon came through--I'd seen him at earlier controls and thought he was on my course. Since he was headed where I thought I needed I chased. I got more confused but didn't stop running until I'd gone 500m out of the way. Turning back after finding my brain again, I hit one other control before coming to it.
9. +02:30I ran well to the open field but instead of following the stream down, I went on bearing. I was a little left and when crossing the marsh I made it worse by turning left again. Hitting the trail, I came back.
10. Ran fast and hit it.
11. +03:00Thinking to use the trail, I ran straight to the stream but was confused by the trails. I crossed the stream and went up a spur, eventually making my way up to the rock wall. A momentary lapse made me ignore #11 and focus on #12. I hit it perfectly but realized my error and had to run back. It took about 1:43 to run back.
12. I ran straight and fast because I already had been there.
13. +00:08I raced a cadette down the hill, beating him to the trail. On the run, I wasn't able to read the map well and was confused about where the control was I paused at the reentrant while the cadette passed me.
F. It was a great day to run and I hardly felt tired at all--probably very rested since I haven't worked out much. I also made enough errors on this course to give me rests.

Total Time Lost - 00:19:23

Split Analysis

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