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Race Evaluation

UNO Club Championships -- Beaver Brook: Green


1. Almost forgot about this one. Was moving pretty well, then I realized I needed to get a control before I crossed the wet area. Fortunately was within 100 m of it, slightly off the the right.
2. +03:00Down (NW) to the trail. Crossed the wet area at the bridge. Turned right at the trail junc, then angled up prior to the bend. Too far left, overshot. Hit the trail near the rockface, relocated fairly quickly.
3. +00:30Headed off a bit too much left, crossed the trail. Happened to spot it off to the side through a break in the vegetation.
4. Back to the trail, down to be vague bend. A group of 3 adventure racers carefully pacing and doing detailed compass from the bend. Blew by them and in. was off ot he left a bit, but saw it from a distance.
5. Seemed like it took forever to reach the trail - a bit of logging slash. DOwn the trail to a likely looking spot and nailed it. Followed into the control by Jeff Shapiro who I later saw was running Red.
6. Back to the trail, ran it down to the trickle crossing, then rough bearing in from there.
7. +00:45Up slowly through the junk to the trail. HIt it a bit higher than I thought, angled in with a bit of side-to-side wandering. Not as clean as it should have been.
8. Rough compass fast to pull away from a couple of adventure racers. Was able ot read the terrain pretty well and pegged it.
9. Generally straight, 2 spurs, then in.
10. A little left of the line, but no problem. NIce to have the trail as a catching feature right before it.
11. Left of the rocky knoll, over the trail. Was starting to get nervous in the thick stuff, pretty poor visibility, then it started to make sense and right in. COntrol description was a bit off - should have been a reentrant, rather than between the cliffs.
12. Angling down to hit the small trail, got it just before the junction with the larger trail. Back across the wet stuff on the bridge, trail to the right, angle back up west of #1, hit the small trail, up to the field (slowly) and in.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:15

Split Analysis

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