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Race Evaluation

UNO Club Championships -- Beaver Brook: Red


1. No watch with me, so no splits.
2. trails - spiked it
3. pretty easy - some others hunting N of control
4. looked at trying to cross marsh before opting to take trail around. Clean from there...
12. +01:30came through the green, came up a cliff-like thing onto trail, had assumed I came up by mapped cliffs, but then (too) quickly found myself on trail S of control and had to come back to it
13. +04:00this one looked like an easy one to miss so I moved slowly, trying to check features on the line with the idea in mind if things failed to look right, I'd quickly bail to the marsh and come back up from the distinct trail bend - so I then proceed to miss it (probably just high) and then hunted for too long before resorting to my relocation tactic - hit it fine from below
15. saw Sam go sailing by in the other direction as I was coming in to this - but apparently she did not run red today..
F. Ran well in the open woods and on trail segments, but my nav is rusty so I was constantly slowing down to double check my navigation - except for 12 & 13, I hit things pretty cleanly, executing my plan well - but at nearly 90 minutes the hesitations certainly took their toll on the overall time.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:30

Split Analysis

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