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Race Evaluation

UNO Club Championships -- Beaver Brook: Red


1. +00:30Trail around the fields. Left trails 75m SSE of control, crossed the wide reentrant and saw the thick green below me. Was confused in the green a bit. HR 142
2. Ran trails to the bend to the NW, then ascended a couple of contours to the boulders, contoured into the wide reentrant, then up to the control. HR 146
3. Straight. HR 140.
4. Through the buildings, crossed the swamp, left at the trail jct, jumped off after crossing the linear swamp. Ticked off major boulders as I went N, and went in by matching the reentrants. HR 150.
5. Trails, S, then W. The direct path looked to iffy. Left the path after a tiny dark green patch, ticked off the boulder on my way to the flag. Spike. HR 144.
6. +00:15Ran on a bearing, but was slightly to the left of the depression. HR 138.
7. Did not plan ahead
Did not check features en route
Underrated difficulty
Major stuffup. The plan was to go straight, a bit L of the line, using the oblong knolls to point me to the control. The problem was the visibility was poor. I may have overrun a trail or 2. After not being in contact for a while, I bailed to the trails. Even on the trail, I thought I was S of 7, running through the dark green. I hit the 3-way jct E of 6, so I turned S, took the trail to the 4-way jct, up, and jumped off where the trail took a short dip NW just outside the circle. There was another guy flailing around in the woods almost the whole time I was. HR 132
8. +00:30Straight. At the end, though, I didn't read the clue description, and I did a buttonhook run around and then down to the control rather than dropping off the trail early. HR 146.
9. +00:15At the 3-way trail jct, I jumped off NW and ticked off the boulder, wide reentrant on the index line, and then the line of cliffs. Got a bit too far N. HR 137
10. W to trail, then missed the wall end as the jumpoff point. Saw the boulder, and hit the control from the SE. HR 150.
11. +02:00The intent was to follow the line off the trail to hit the trail at the bend, but I missed E, hitting the stone wall. I had to run W on the trail, then S from the trail past the boulder cluster, the knoll, and in. HR 149.
12. Ick. I really did not want to overrun the trail, given clumsy leg #7. Carefully slogged, maybe I found the non-green patch ENE of #11, eventually found the N-S trail, and fixed my position on the "h"-shaped cliff W of #12.
13. Carefully contoured straight, ticking off the scattered boulders and knolls as I went. HR 143.
14. +01:30Aimed ESE to the trail, but hit it just N of due E. Doh. Trail S staying near the lake, left it at the bend before the trickle. HR 159
15. +02:00Misread the first trail jct until I saw another guy who had been with me 11-12-13-14 coming N on the trail from the S. We crossed the swamp. I took the acute R to stay low to the swamp and went up what must have been the wrong reentrant, since I got too high. Eventually navigated W using the stone wall as a handrail. HR 148
16. Straight on the line, skirting the marsh to the S, then around on the road. HR 165.
F. HR 162.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:00

Split Analysis

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