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Race Evaluation

UNO Club Championships -- Beaver Brook: Red


1. Trails, cut to end of wall, then in.
2. Trails then diagnolly up hill, nailed it.
3. Slightly tentative on compass.
4. Swamp crossing, but then ran trail across smaller swamp before crossing it again on way up hill. Saw wall fragment N of control pointing the way.
5. +00:30Dithered around on hillside, then crossed marsh at bottow twice for no good reason. In off trail where I thought I should see the boulder between 5 and 6, but never saw it.
6. +01:00Angled to R with idea of running ridge line to saddle, then turning R into depression, but must have followed ridge closer to trail.
7. Contoured nicely and swept perfectly into reentrant between cliffs.
8. +00:15Crossed to second trail, then in below cliff, but must have zigzagged more than I should, because this felt very long.
9. +00:20Started on line, but veered off to far to L in effort to make sure I could attack from corner of stone wall.
10. More or less on line, although plan was to head R of line to trail. Was fortunate to hit wall SE of control pointing the way to go.
11. +05:00On trail across trickle, then tried to navigate up through reentrant/depressions SE of control. Drifted L and eventually decided I was at cliffs SSW of control. Tried to navigate vegetation boundary, but it turned out to be totally misleading. Finally just dove into thick young pines and found the correct reentrant.
12. +02:00Through green, across trail, identified what seemed to be the cluster of boulders N of flag, but then missed to R on compass. Perhaps I was actually identify boulders NW of flag, or maybe my compass work just sucks.
13. +01:30Really carefully now on last tough control, picking line through depressions/reentrants just R of line. Thought I had identified boulder W of flag, but then suddenly nothing made sense. Once again I have been frustrated by this very technical area. Fortunately, I stumble upon boulder pain NE of flag and am able to correct, but I remain humbled by the complexity of this region.
14. On line, fairly crisply.
15. On trails, then up R side of reentrant from trail bend after marsh.
16. Uphill S of wall initially for better running, then on trails.
F. A solid but not spectacular effort. Conditioning felt good, but truly technical navigation still left much to be desired.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:35

Split Analysis

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