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Race Evaluation

O' Series #3/WIOL #3 -- North SeaTac Park: Course 4


1. Fastest split on this one. Watched starters early on and very CASUALLY watched what direction others on my course were going. At start, quick glance at map and a sprint from there.
2. Another easy one. Quick run along the baseball field fence. Unfortunately, my decision to run right up against it was bad as I got blocked by some Evergreen trees.
3. Fairly tough control, but I did okay. Miscounted thickets on the way, but I managed to find it after a brief search.
4. Not too hard. Hopped back on the trail I'd been on. From there, took a opening in the green to the control. Should have run due south from 3-4 through White forest, but really no time lost.
5. Quick run along the thicket. Map fairly detailed around control, so I didn't quite pinpoint it in the right spot, but I got it.
6. Crossed street and a quick sprint down the overgrown road. Control almost in view from road.
7. Did not check features en route
Read map too late
Should have known to make my move east right before I got to the thickets. Also misread control description, thought it was on a hiil, when it was really a depression, so I ran up the hill instead of looking where the control should be on the map.
8. Underrated difficulty
Took a chance on a small trail that was supposed to be a shortcut. It was overgrown near the end. Shins got nice and bloody.
9. Quick split here. Clear route choice up road and into clearing area. Around to other side of building.
10. This was a pretty direct route, but a hard to see trail on map had everyone looking at the first trail junction instead of the second. Control not visible from 1st, hidden well.
11. Easy route out to sidewalk then over to control on S side of crosswalk.
12. Fairly easy one up prominent trail. Good trail counting was key to get the right side trail. Got a decent split I think.
13. Did not like map
Control descrip said man-made, but I thought the control was on a fence when I punched it. Checked control # taking extra time to make sure.
F. +00:04Tired :(. When I was able to book it up the hill in my later rec course with Grandpa I shaved off 4 sec.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:27

Split Analysis

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