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Race Evaluation

Return to the Water Gap Day 2: Red


1. Trail to chimney, up the cliffy reentrant, over the spur
2. Bad route choice
Read map too late
Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Tried to go South to avoid the gorge, but hit it in the middle, and didn't think to divert SW around it. Went down, across and up. UGH. Then, up the reentrant to the stream fork, to where the reentrant bends (almost to the circle), bailed out too early back to the stream jct, and the 2nd time ran across the reentrant to the knolls past it.
3. No attack point
W to the water, SW, along oblong knolls, fixed position on unique cliff shapes. Along the way, got quite confused about 50m S of #6 (which I didn't see).
5. Contoured the long way around the cliffy hilltop.
6. N above the cliffs, past the small pond, turned NW after crossing the stream, along the stone wall, through the corridor, found better running on the ridge line, fixed the position definitively at the cliff 100m S, and then in.
7. W through the green, onto the trail, leaving at the bend, down to the marsh.
8. Bad compass work
Intended to contour S, but instead hit the trail earlier and much higher than planned. Ran the trail to the bend past the stream crossing, up and over the knolls.
9. Bad route choice
Confused parallel features
Confusion abounded here. Must have left the control SW, intending W. Found crossing the stream tricky, not wanting to get wet, and once I crossed, was uncertain where I was.
10. Marsh W edge to NS trail, to SE trail, cross the stream at a unique cliff, and carefully ran up the right reentrant.
11. Got a bit low on a straight approach, fixed position just below the clearing.
12. SW to trail, crossed the stream, then contoured past the well, then up 1 reentrant too soon, saw the flag to my left.
13. Confused parallel features
Excellent leg, and I blew it. Tried to go W to the cliff line that led right to the flag, but was really along the one below it. After the approximate pace count told me it had been too long, I bailed out down the slope, fixing my position on a cliff near where the slope got really scary, about 200m SE of the control. From there, slogged up the slope past the unique tree.
14. Trail to the left, got feet wet crossing over some logs (drat), they were just rolling up the red carpet.

Total Time Lost - 00:19:00

Split Analysis

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