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Race Evaluation

Midlands Championships + Interland Selection: M16A

Alex M

1. None
2. +00:15lost some time in the Brambles
3. None
4. +00:15too far right
5. +01:00hit a pit which had filled with water, carried on as it was on the line, but was about 50m to thwe right, then relocated
6. +00:10hesitant
7. Perfect
8. +01:00went past it and wandered around for a bit before i got it
9. +00:20there was an extra blob of green that wasn't on the map and i was looking in the wrong pit
10. seemed a bit further than i was expecting
11. Direct route choice, got the control spot on
12. +00:10didnt count the pits properly so looked in the one before mine
13. None
14. Hit the ditch and went down it
15. +00:10My route choice could have been lower on the slop to avoid a little bit of extra climb
16. +01:00Too far left and went to 2 extra pits on the way
17. None
F. None

Total Time Lost - 00:04:20

Split Analysis

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