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Race Evaluation

O' Series #4/WIOL #4 -- UW Campus: Course 4


1. Pretty easy control. Not the best split because I was getting "in my groove" and trying to get to the right spot.
2. Another pretty easy one. Direct route choice, but proper building counting helped.
3. Did not check features en route
My map folding and thinking ahead techniques helped here as I went directly to this control but overlooked it and wasted 20 sec looking for it.
4. Did not plan ahead
Here is where disaster struck. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but somewhere I made a wrong turn and ended up way far north. Fortunately, I recognized where I was from the last meet here and was able to find my way to the control. This alone killed my race.
5. Pretty easy one, but I was gassed and my illness was starting to get in the way. Being tired early on stunk, but I had no problems with this control.
6. +00:10Again, I was gassed, but I got to the control no problem. It was well hidden, so I overlooked it until I fortunately saw someone punch it.
7. Easy one, no trouble getting it, just tired still.
8. Did not plan ahead
Ran too fast
Bad distance judgement
Here is where disaster really struck. I have no idea what happened, but I somehow (I still have no idea how I could've done it) overran my target road and ended up on a similar looking one. I spent a long time looking in the complete wrong clearing when my eyes luckily wandered to the right portion of the map and I recognized where I was.
9. Easy one, just across the clearing. I had regained some energy after all the wandering at #8.
10. Another easy and direct one, and I wasn't too tired getting there.
11. This one took you into a labyrinth of roads, but I found it okay.
12. Easy one. Just across a road and into the corner of a clearing.
F. Some overall thoughts: I just wasn't myself today, and I was recovering from a cold. My mind wasn't there, my body wanted to kill me when I finished I was wheezing so bad. Fortunately, you only keep 4 meets, so this one can be gone at the next meet and I can improve my score.

Total Time Lost - 00:17:30

Split Analysis

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