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Race Evaluation

UNO Fort Rock: Red


1. Had grabbed a yellow map by mistake, so had to grab a Red map and restart. Not much of a plan - run the trail for a bit, cut right, wander in the general direction, hit a trail, see a stone wall, but it was the western trail. Got to the next trail, found the stone wall and in without too much trouble. Distracted by snow on trees cutting down some sight lines, uncertain footing, and a lot of subtle terrain that's not shown on the map.
2. THink I headed too far left of the line, across the trail by a knoll, uncertain where I am, seeing more boulders than I should be. Think I'm NW of the control, get to a linear wet area. Follow it S, some tracks around (JJ?) but they're circling. Finally wander into it.
3. Better bearing on this one. Trail, stone wall to the end, over the subtle spur, some thick areas that are hard to see through,past some boulders, and see it.
4. Down hill following 2 sets of tracks. Across the marsh, see some boulders but no control. Tracks are circling, see the control through the trees to my left.
5. Rough compass and following tracks to the trail. Left on the trail past the pond. Head N past the knoll, trying to keep track of the terrain through the snow covered trees. Hit the wet area, turn left and find it after checkign a few other boulders on the way.
6. Rough compass to the trail just before the tunnel. Tracks were off to my right. See Ed K, who asks if I'd found the last control - apparently he'd had troubles with it. Through the tunnel and debate taking the trail around or cutting straight over. Looks pretty open, so head straight. See a single set of tracks - must be JJ. See the control from before the trail.
7. Rough bearing, across the marsh, up the slope. Confused for a moment when it was a small ridge and started heading down rather than up. Crossing JJ's tracks, seeing a lot of boulders, but not a lot of discernable terrain to navigate by. Just start checking out boulders, getting nervous as it seems like I must have overshot. See it out of the corner of my eye. No tracks around it, JJ must be circling somewhere.
8. See JJ heading S up the hill a bit on my way N. Intermittent visibility, but the contours seem right. See a downed tree trunk, must be a root stock on the end of it and there was.
9. Head just right of the line to the trickle and follow it up to the trail. S on the trail a few meters until I find a place to cut in. plan to contour around, but there's a lot of boulders and poor visibility. Must have climbed a bit. Wander around dashing from boulder to boulder. Finally look for what could be the light green and head to the clump of hemlocks and see a boulder through them.
10. Rough bearing, past a couple of big boulders. Must have veered right a bit, angel up the hill towards a couple of rock faces and and an apparent knoll. Some knolls, some boulders, but it seems too open. Why didn't I go left of the line to the trail and a better attack point? Start to go further NW, but there's a marsh or pond there, not enough to pin point my location. Must be N of the control, head S on the ridge, get into some thicker stuff and finally find it.
11. Head to the trail, but must have been just below it. HIt it by the S tip of the large marsh. Kept going on that bearing, right of the small pond. hit the trail again. Someone had been through on a trail bike with a dog along. Follow it for a couple of turns, then just below the top of the ridge. Over the ridge, see the marsh and get it.
12. Across the pond, well frozen. Flat area, hit the trail, follow it to the sharp corner, bearing down over the rock face, up the other side and peg it.
13. Gingerly over the frozen pond which creaks a couple of times, but holds. Over the marsh, hit the trail which I follow to the tunnel. Sharp right out of the tunnel, follow the trail to the junction, then down to the linear pond running NE-SW. Run that to the SW end, then W over 2 trails. Hit by the corner of the large pond, find the trail, off from the corner, find a streamer at a boulder about 100m N of where I want to be. Keep going to the trail, see the control, almost get my feet wet.
F. Trail run in.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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