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Race Evaluation

UNO Fort Rock: Red


1. South on the road and in through the yellow.
2. A little confused near the marsh.
3. Got close, couldn't figure out what was what, went back to the trail and attacked again carefully.
4. Kind of far right, looped CCW around the big boulder to get to the small one.
5. Up trail to about a contour above the control so I could attack from the bend.
7. Got very close, vegetation didn't look right, wandered around a whole lot before climbing the hill and attacking from the two large boulders.
8. Missed a little to the left, then checked several other rootstocks in the vicinity before finding the right one.
9. Missed a little high, checked several otehr boulders, then went back out to the trail and attacked slowly.
10. Off the map on the north end, wandered around up there for a while.
11. Trails most of the way, attacked from W of the control.
13. Trails.
F. Pretty awful run.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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