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Race Evaluation

O' Series/WIOL #5 -- Marymoor Park: Course 4


1. +00:05One of the harder controls in an easy race today. Got slightly turned around at the start while looking for it, but mostly okay. Along the clearinge
2. Knew right where to go with this one thanks to being familiar with the map. Saw the mill and ran straight to it.
3. Easy one. Out to the road and across the crossing.
4. Another easy one, direct route across the field and between the baseball fields.
5. Another easy one. Along fence of the two baseball fields.
6. Through the parking lot and saw the control. Since the park was really open, controls were easy to see from a distance.
7. Underrated difficulty
Here's were I blew it. I bushwhacked through some tall grass, then came out to the road. Ran along the road to where the re-entrant was supposed to be, but didn't see the control. Poked around until I finally saw it further along the stream than I thought it would be, I think it may have been a little too far forward on the map.
8. Back to easy ones. Down the road and to the building across the field.
9. Across the parking lot and onto the trail. Control was hidden from view from the angle we were running from, so I freaked out at first, but then I saw it and it was all good :).
10. Between the baseball fields and onto the hill.
11. +00:05This was a tough control, but I did okay. It was in a patch of tall grass, so it was hard to see unless at the right angle, but I saw it.
12. Got dangerously misoriented at first, but caught myself. I breathed a sigh of relief when I found this easy one.
13. This gave some people trouble I heard as there was another control nearby, but I found it okay after running across the road and to the terrain boundary.
F. Finish sprint. Was tired, but ran okay.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:10

Split Analysis

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