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Race Evaluation

North American Champs: RedX, day 1


2. Bad map reading
Misinterpreted cliffs between marsh and control, and ended up going extra far SW before up.
5. Bad map reading
Lacked confidence
Came up to the ridge and then kept misreading the contours for a while before the map and terrain clicked in my mind.
6. Bad map reading
Lacked confidence
Went by the control, failing to navigate precisely. Had to find another attack point.
7. South around the cliffs, over the saddle, then went a little left and low where the footing looked better.
9. Bad map reading
Confused parallel features
Lacked confidence
Attack was off; ended up NW of the control, and failed to see on the map where I was. Poor job of relocation.
F. A poor performance, but enjoyed the woods, the weather, the terrain, and the course!

Total Time Lost - 00:20:00

Split Analysis

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