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Race Evaluation

ROC Ski-O at Mendon Ponds: Men's Open Score-O


1. #2
2. #5
3. +00:15#3 I thought there was a better way down the hill but had to backtrack slightly. Ran most of this leg.
4. +00:20#8 Extra trails required extra map reading to determine control placement
5. #4
6. +00:20#7 Should have gone straight to the road rather than messing around through the woods. Lost time trying to clean out the bindings after walking down the hill to the road.
7. +01:00#1 Really blew the navigation on this one. Little to no snow when leaving the control and coverage was spotty for a while, so I chose to ski and not navigate. Should have taken a few seconds to read the map more carefully. Initially ept large pond to the left rather than the small pond and had to backtrack.
8. #6 Took a good tumble down what some refer to as "cardiac hill". I was cruising down the hill in a full snowplow and not slowing down, and the snow was getting thinner. Hockey stop attempt resulted in a roll, back onto the skis, and down to the bottom at a comfortable pace.
9. #23
10. #18
11. #19
12. #20
13. +00:05#17 Hesitated to review whether I should be crossing the road first or going to 17. #17 was the better choice.
14. +00:05#21 Didn't have a clear direction after hitting 17 and needed to pause to choose a route
15. #16
16. #13
17. #9
18. #15 Should have hit #14 first for a better setup for control #9
19. #14
20. #9
21. #11
22. #10 Should have taken off the skis and run this entire leg, but I kept thinking the snow would get better and I'd be able to ski. Never considered going across the frozen pond, but that was likely the best route choice if the north end swamp area was solid.
23. #22

Total Time Lost - 00:02:05

Split Analysis

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