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Race Evaluation

Return to the Water Gap Day 1: Green Y


1. hopping one stonewall to the next, then straight out wall to control
2. northeast to trail, up stonewall after trail junction, between ponds then along ridge to knoll
3. back to trail, south to second junction, cut across to next trail, down through cliffs. small clearing in depression is full of water, briefly confused by this extra water feature. found the big marsh and then straight over trail to control
4. trail northeast. starting running east along stream, but sides got too steep so climbed up and went along ridge to bigger stream. north on bigger stream to trail, then follow stonewalls close to control
5. northwest to clearing/trail, over to northwest 'corner' of trail loop, popped over the little hill to control
6. south to trail then over to junction
F. run it in

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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