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Race Evaluation

Return to the Water Gap Day 2: Green Y


1. straight over small rise to rock, then to reentrant, slightly above and left
2. to big reentrant with stream, contoured around to south, south along smaller stream, east, then around knoll to control
3. to right of knoll, up into reentrant
4. to right on the flat, then up reentrant to small pond, followed the water
5. on bearing through green to marsh, follow stonewall, then up hill to top
6. straight, pass one rootstock, down second spur, across reentrant to control
7. Did not check features en route
Bad distance judgement
straight, cross second stream, up between rocks, start looking one knoll too early, see big flat depression/reentrant thing, correct
8. trails to stream crossing
9. around on trails and came in the backdoor
10. southeast to trail and in
F. pushing it home

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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