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Race Evaluation

DVOA White Clay Creek: Green


1. +01:00Wandered around a little disoriented at start. Decided to go thru the valley using trail network beginning at end of clearing left of the line and dark green. Missed first left turn and wasted some time on other side of stream relocating
2. Trail and veer off for attack at trail junction ESE of control.
3. Down the hill, fall thru brambles, dodge cars. Went up the road about 50 meters, crossed stream culvert, then in, across next stream then up over spur and down into control.
4. Out of 3, headed downstream a bit on flat, then up hill where green looked thin and doable. Thrash thru over the top and down into evergreens, then veer over to second ditch and control.
5. +01:30Contour around, then advance thru flat area picking out game trails through brambles. Cross stream, then through marshy area to mapped "trail." Regretting not having machete, pushed thru to Arc Corner Road trail, then south to Arc Corner intersection. Trail paralleling Hopkins Bridge Road. Attack off trail junction on ridge line down through green to control. Should have taken road, given the green on the downside. Lost time tying shoes twice
6. Wised-up and took the roads around. Veering attack right into control.
7. Back out to the road again and around. Attack around south end of swamp.
8. Up hill on line of advance to unmapped hunter's stand and trail. Out to field and around edge to control.
9. Across field almost to road, then left in to control knoll.
10. Straight downhill following the crowd.
11. Up hill a little to the right to trail, then across field.
F. Dodging the dog patrols on in.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:30

Split Analysis

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