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Race Evaluation

DVOA White Clay Creek: Green


1. trail on east side of green, then through mess of trails in the valley. up along west side of field, could see the pine trees from far off
2. west on trail to junction by control, again no problem finding the pines
3. cross the road, past dead deer, almost puke from smell, follow stream a little then contour around hill, end up too far left, back down ditches to control
4. follow stream west, then north across the flatter 'light green'... ha! through the evergreen area and right off the point of it was the ditch
5. east to the field which i could see and looked a lot nicer than fighting through the amazon jungle to the road. went out of southeast field corner, cross stream, and took indistinct trail to big straight trail, then south to arc corner. took trail that runs parallel and just south of road so as not to be squished. then south on dirt road and west on trail to control (could see from trail)
6. back to dirt road, all the way down, then following the stream in. there was actually an unmapped indistinct trail along the bank that led right to the pit
7. back to road, running along behind Wrongway, then across the swamp to the rock. as i'm knee deep in muck, he's standing at the control yelling "how bad do you want it?"
8. south to trail, then west. seemed to be too many streams and ditches, and cut up to the field too late and too far right
9. straight across the field. past another deer skull and ribs (less smelly this time) and then just duck into the woods on the left. a family is crouched on the other side of the hill next to the control. "we didn't want to give it away"
10. straight downhill
11. north to trail, over to field, diagonal to control
F. running it in

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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